What to do in case of an accident?

We offer you guidance in case of an accident.

  1. Stay calm. After being in an accident, you need to stay calm and keep a cool head to make important decisions that will protect you and those involved in the accident.

  2. Stay where the accident occurred If safe, turn off the car, relax, and stay where you are. In many states, leaving the scene of an accident is ilegal. If safe, turn off the ignition stay where the accident occurred.

  3. In case someone is hurt, immediately call 911 and follow their instructions. ONLY help those who are injured if you're trained in first aid; otherwise, wait for the authorities to arrive to the scene of the accident.

  4. Put up warning signs. Turn on your car's hazard warning lights or, if prudent, put up warning signs such as retro reflective triangles.

  5. Call the police.

  6. Exchange information with the other driver(s). Make sure you obtain the following information:

    • Full name
    • Complete address
    • Driver's license number
    • Insurance company's information
    • License plates of the vehicles involved in the accident
    • Also, get the names of the other persons involved in the accident as well as the names and phone numbers of some witnesses

  7. Draw a sketch of the accident. Include the following information:

    • Date and time when the accident occurred
    • Weather and road conditions
    • Speed limits
    • Number of persons involved
    • List of damages suffered in the accident

  8. Take pictures of the accident. If you have a camera or a camera phone, take pictures of the accident, the damages and the conditions of the place where the accident occurred.

  9. Cooperate with the police. Besides cooperating with the authorities, you have the right to ask for a report of the accident.

  10. NEVER admit any responsibility. There may be unknown factors or traffic laws that could have contributed towards the accident. The other driver could be more responsible for the accident than you.

  11. IMMEDIATELY report the accident to your insurance company. If you have doubts about how and where to report the accident, or if your insurance company does not listen to you, contact our Insured Protection Department via or call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-962-3066 and we'll gladly help you.

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